About Novadiv

Our company is a fintech company that specializes in providing innovative and secure payment solutions for customers and merchants. In addition to our flagship QR code payment solution, which allows customers to make payments using their mobile devices, we also offer other electronic payment methods, such as SMS payments and IBAN transfers. Our QR code payment solution is designed to offer a seamless and secure payment experience, with features such as encrypted QR codes, convenience, speed, customization, security, flexibility, and the ability to make offline payments. We also offer the option for one time QR codes, which are QR codes that are generated for a single transaction and cannot be used for any other transactions, providing an additional layer of security. In addition to payment solutions, we also offer other IT-related services, such as e-commerce platforms and web app development. Our goal is to provide our customers and merchants with a comprehensive range of solutions that are fast, convenient, and secure, enabling them to conduct their financial transactions and grow their businesses with confidence and peace of mind.